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About Propane

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What Is Propane?

Propane is a type of chemical used as a source of energy. When petroleum is being refined and natural gas is being processed, propane appears as a by-product. This chemical occurs as a liquid and stays as a liquid until it is used, when it becomes a gas. It is a fossil fuel that was discovered in the early 1900s. There are many uses for propane. 

Propane Uses

Propane can be used to power generators, which provide a home with electricity when the power goes out. 

Many people use propane to heat their homes. They use furnaces that run of on propane. It is generally cheaper to heat a house with propane than with normal electricity. On a similar note, people use propane in their home for stove-top cooking, powering washing and clothes drying machines, and heating a water tank to supply hot water.  

There are various types of propane heaters for various purposes. Propane heaters can be used to heat up a pool, for example, or a patio.

Campers sometimes use portable propane stoves in their outdoor adventures.

Propane can also be used to power a fireplace or to fire up a grill. 

Propane Safety: Leaks

It's a good idea to learn the smell of propane gas so you can tell if propane is leaked. The smell of propane is powerful and is often compared to rotten eggs. Being exposed to propane gas is dangerous. If there is a leak, you should get everyone out of the house and contact the propane retailer who installed the propane tank and helps with maintenance and such. If possible, turn off the main gas supply to your house, but don't do it if you feel it's too risky to go back inside, like if you have already been breathing in the gas for a while or if you know there are things that might start a fire in your home. It is possible to buy gas detectors to install in your home, which is a good idea to consider. 

 Where Do You Get Propane?

Propane tanks up to a certain size can be bought at superstores and hardware stores. These can be used to power propane heaters, hooked up to a grill, used for a fireplace, or taken on a camping trip, for example. It is also possible to refuel empty propane tanks at gas stores and convenience stores where propane gas sales are an important part of business. If you need a lot of propane -- if you have a furnace or hot water powered by a large propane tank, for example -- you simply contact your propane provider once a month or however often you need it refilled. 

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