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Reduce Negative Odors And The Amount Of Trash Thrown Into A Dumpster

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Dumping food scraps and packaging in the dumpster behind the restaurant that you own may seem convenient, but by doing so you are probably contributing to the waste receptacle's foul smell and filling up the dumpster at a faster pace than need be. Try one of the following tips to reduce negative odors and the amount of trash that is thrown inside of the container.

Start A Recycling Bin

Purchase a large, sturdy bin to place items that are made out of plastic, glass, or metal. Set the container near a wash station inside of your business and instruct your staff to rinse recyclable materials before placing them inside of the container.

Once the bin is full, make arrangements to have the items dropped off at a recycling center or set up a time to have the bin emptied by a waste removal company. Recycled items will be made into new items and a licensed facility will handle items that they are responsible for in an environmentally safe manner.

Compost Organic Materials

Purchase an airtight container with a matching lid. On a daily basis, organic food items, such as egg shells, coffee grounds, and fruit and vegetable peels, should be placed inside of the container. All other food items that cannot be composted should be placed in a separate container with a lid and disposed of. Mix dry ingredients with the food items, such as wood chips, paperboard, or paper. Stir the ingredients a few times each week before replacing the lid on each occasion.

The materials will decompose and turn a rich, brown color. This could take several weeks or months. Once this occurs, the compost can be added to soil and will add necessary nutrients to it. If you use the compost in a garden or flower bed, plants will be provided with essential nutrients so that they are likely to thrive and remain healthy.

Rent A Baling Machine

If you or staff members who are responsible for unpacking new inventory encounter cardboard boxes on a regular basis, placing them in a machine that compresses and secures them may drastically reduce the amount of waste that is thrown inside of the dumpster. Rent a baling machine from a company that rents machinery and supplies to businesses. Sign yourself and your employees up for training so that the machine is utilized in a safe manner.

During each work shift, cardboard can be placed directly inside of the baler. Once the machine is full, separate stacks of cardboard will be secured. The cardboard can be dropped off at a recycling center or picked up with other recyclable materials that you have scheduled to be hauled away.

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