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Getting A New Machine That Produces Radiation? How To Prepare Your Shop Staff First

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If you're getting a new machine on your shop floor that you think may be a bit different than the other machines that your employees are used to, it's important to be prepared for the arrival. You want to make sure that the machine is used properly so it works efficiently, and you want everyone to be safe. The more training you can get in before they start using the machine, and the more protected the staff are, the better. Accidents could lead to costly liability concerns and machine damages. Here are a few things to prepare for in advance.

Machine Training

The machining company that builds the machine for you should provide you with service hours, where a technician from their plant shows your staff how to work the machine. This training will teach the staff how to use the machine properly, how to work the electrical controls, and how to troubleshoot the machine fi there are problems. Utilize the service hours you get from the machining company wisely.

Safety Training

Have a safety course available for all the staff members, not just for the new machine but to update everyone on the procedures throughout your shop. This ensures that they are prepared for a medical emergency that occurs, or any type of disaster like a fire or intruder in the building. The safety training is something that should be done annually, and you can add training procedures based on the risks and problems you could have in the shop because of the industry you work in.

Nuclear Shielding

Is the machine that you are having brought in going to emit radiation as it runs? If so, nuclear shielding to protect the employees is a necessity. Look at the different barriers, clothing, and other items that can be worn to protect your staff from the harmful radiation that they could encounter while running the machine.

If you own a commercial property that has a machine that emits radiation, you want to be fully trained and prepared to work the machine before the machine is brought in. You have to make sure all your employees are safe and that they can handle any issues that arise with the machine, and with other machines on the floor while you are running the company. The more training they have, the more confident they will be and the more educated they will be to make smart decisions during operations.